Tondu Corp

James A. Ford - Managing Partner

Mr. Ford is a Managing Partner who joined the Company in January 1990. Mr. Ford is responsible for directing the engineering, construction, and operation and maintenance activities of the Company’s projects. As a Managing Partner, Mr. Ford participates in the equity ownership of the Company’s projects. Mr. Ford was responsible for developing the engineering and design scope and negotiating the engineering construction contract for the Williams Lake Project. Mr. Ford also negotiated the fuel transportation agreement and coordinated the environmental permitting, independent engineer’s review and procurement of the insurance and bonding requirements. As Project Manager during the construction of the Williams Lake Project, Mr. Ford managed the construction and created the plant’s operation and maintenance organization.

Mr. Ford has over thirty-five years experience in all phases of engineering, construction, development, operations and management of major projects. Prior to joining Tondu Corporation, Mr. Ford was Chief Operating Officer for California Agri-Power Company and responsible for the operation and maintenance of four agri-waste fueled power plants. During the mid 1980s, Mr. Ford was a business development manager for Fluor Daniel, Inc. In this capacity, Mr. Ford was responsible for developing non-utility power generating projects throughout the United States. These projects ranged in size from 10MW to 300 MW and were fueled by gas, coal, oil, waste-coal, agriwaste, municipal waste and biomass. While at Fluor Daniel, Mr. Ford determined the technical scope for Tondu’s Filer City Project and represented Fluor Daniel in the negotiations for the engineering construction contract. Mr. Ford received a B.S. in engineering from the University of Missouri and a M.B.A. from the University of Tennessee.